QuickBooks Online Edition

QuickBooks Online Edition is an online version of QuickBooks, but instead of installing it on your computer, you access and manage your data through a secure, encrypted Internet connection. Once you’re setup, your data resides on QuickBooks remote servers.

Key Advantages
• Access your financial data anywhere, any time. Update your financial records, run reports, and track income and expenses from your home, office, on the road, or anywhere you can access an Internet-connected PC.
• Grant access to multiple users. Give employees and your accountant limited access so they can update timesheets, sales, expenses or review the books. No need to invest in a network.
• Maintain total control of your data. Decide who has access, what they can see and what transactions they can make.
• Protect your data from facility disasters and hardware failures with automatic daily backups and offsite data storage.
• Manage financial tasks easily online. Track expenses, write checks, invoice customers, and more.

We offer a variety of solutions to suit your business needs starting as low $100 per month. Solutions include but not limited to the following:
• Fundamental Bookkeeping
• Bank Reconciliations
• Bill Payments
• Payroll Services
• Year-end tax services
• Ongoing management and budgetary services

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